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Working to Brighten and Unite the Community
"I love seeing murals and people's artwork...  It would be great to see more local art, especially if you could get the community involved in some way!"

Kara Bauer, Co-Owner of Vicarious Style

Paint Cloud


1. Why should I have a mural?

Murals are a great way to brighten up a space and add one’s own unique essence to a room or building.  For businesses, murals can even be a means to attract customers. Tourists and locals alike often enjoy snapping selfies at their favorite local hangout, and a mural can provide a signature background for one’s company.

2. How long will it take for you to paint a mural?

The time frame for mural completion varies according to the amount of space the mural will cover, the wall texture, and the amount of detailing the mural requires.  However, we here at Artistic Ambiance Murals will do our best to make sure our customers’ murals are completed within the reasonable time-frame of six weeks.

3. What if my mural gets defaced?

We have anticipated such activities.  Our company uses a varnish that was specifically designed to not only prevent our murals from fading due to UV light exposure, but to also protect your walls from stubborn graffiti.  At Artistic Ambiance Murals, quality and longevity are our top priorities.

4. What if I’m not satisfied with the mural?

To ensure customer satisfaction, we have based our entire ideation process around the ideas and wishes of our customer.  Our artist’s main concern is accurately portraying the values of the customer. We will never put paint on the wall until our customer has approved our sketch and color scheme for the work.

5. Do you only paint murals?

Artistic Ambiance Murals is only focused on painting murals to brighten the local communities of the Oregon and Mt. Morris area.  We will gladly leave the lovely sculpting, commissioned paintings, and ceramics to other talented individuals in the area.

6. Can you paint murals on non-flat surfaces?

Yes!  We are always up to the challenge of painting on brick or stucco, though the process does take a bit more time and is thus more costly.  

7. What makes your mural company special?

Artistic Ambiance Murals is a unique company because there are not many official mural companies in rural areas.  The goal of our company is to provide an organized outlet for local business owners to express their businesses and brighten the local area.  Additionally, our company will hold an event at the end of spring where local artists of all ages and experiences have the opportunity to make their mark on a local wall with a collaborative mural.

8. Do you accept checks?

We will accept checks, cash, PayPal, and Venmo as forms of payment.  We hope to make every experience, even payment, as convenient as possible.

9. How much does a mural cost?

Much like the time frame, the price of each mural depends on the amount of space the mural will cover, the wall texture, and the amount of detailing the mural requires.  That being said, our base price is $10 per square foot for a simple mural on a flat wall.  Feel free to contact us at 815-290-9869 or so that we might schedule a FREE consultation and provide you will a mural sketch and price estimate!

10. What is your company’s environmental impact?

Artistic Ambiance Murals does its best to maintain a low environmental impact.  We do so by reusing our fabric drop cloths, paint cups, and such. Additionally, this spring, after completing various murals, we will use all of our remaining paint on our final mural.  We find wasted paint saddening and aim to be a resourceful, low-waste company.


Our Story

Artistic Ambiance Murals was founded in December of 2019 by Social Entrepreneurship student Sydney Hermes.  She saw an opportunity to create more local art, as it draws in both customers and inspiration for the incredible and unique businesses in Oregon and Mt. Morris, IL.  Since then, she has been working hard to add a splash of color to her community to match its lively personality.


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